Youth and Young Adult Services


Youth Services:  A New Way to Work!

Do these apply to you?

  • Are you between the ages of 16-24?
  • Do you need help finding a part or full time job?
  • Do you need career planning help?
  • Have you thought about learning new life skills for success?
  • Would you like to learn about leadership development?
  • Thinking about college and how it works?

Here is what we offer:

1.  Paid and unpaid work experiences:  Opportunity to earn a wage and gain valuable work experience.

2.  Activities that help youth prepare for and transition to post secondary education and training

3.  Occupational skills training:  This service focuses on recognized post secondary credentials and in-demand occupations, this includes training for jobs in Marion County

4.  Integrated education and training: This includes preparing for employment, learning basic skills and hands on training and education.

5.  Services that provide labor market information about in-demand industry sectors and occupations:  This service will show what types of jobs are available as well as wages and locations.

6.  Supportive services (transportation, child care, work uniforms, tools, etc.)

7.  Financial literacy education: This service provides activities to gain an understanding of basic financial information, saving and managing money and a checkbook.

8.  Entrepreneurial skills training:  This is training that will provide the basics of starting and operating your own business

9.  Tutoring, study skills training, and dropout prevention:  This service provides assistance in tutoring and helping with graduation and help prevent dropping out of school or helping you get re-enrolled in school

10.  Alternative secondary school offerings or dropout recovery strategies:  We will help you get your diploma or GED.

11.  Leadership development activities (ex: community service, peer-centered activities):  Opportunities that encourage responsibility, confidence, employability, self‐determination and other positive behaviors. 

12.  Adult mentoring:  Adult mentoring is one‐to‐one supportive relationship between an adult and a CCMEP participant that is based on trust.  Mentor will help you prepare for your future.

13.  Comprehensive guidance and counseling:  This is a process of helping CCMEP participants make and implement informed education, occupation, and life choices. It includes career and academic counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, mental health counseling, and referral to partner programs 

14.  Follow up services:  Follow‐up services are activities after completion of participation in CCMEP to monitor your success during your transition to employment and further education and to provide assistance as needed for successful transition.