Interview Preparation

The Job Interview

Your resume may have gotten you the interview, but it can’t get you the job. The interview is your chance to show who you are beyond what’s on your resume.  A meeting between you and a potential employer allows you both to assess your "fit" with the position and company.  Keep in mind that an interviewer has a very short amount of time to assess job applicants. Likewise, you have the same amount of time to determine if the company environment is a fit for you. Recruiters and hiring managers are frequently surprised by how unprepared interviewees are when they come to the interview.

You only get one chance to make a great impression, so you must let the interviewer see you at your best. Remember, it is at the interview that jobs are won or lost! Review the 10 Step Interview Preparation Plan to help make a great first impression.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are a great tool to prepare for an interview.  You can visit OhioMeansJobs Practice Interview Center to get ready for your interview or you can schedule a mock interview with one of our Employment Specialist by emailing Karla at

Dress Appropriately

Your appearance can count as much as your qualifications. Learn how to dress appropriately, visit OhioMeansJobs for information on choosing the right clothing.  Need help with purchasing clothing for the interview, contact Karla, you may be eligible for assistance. 

Research Research Research

Make sure you research the company before you interview.  Google the company, speak to people who work there.  Go into the interview knowing as much information about the company as you can.  Always be positive in the interview.

Move Past Your Criminal Record

Move past your criminal record.  Visit OhioMeansJobs and CareerOneStop,   You’ll find tips, information and resources to help you search for, apply for, and begin a new job.