Rebrand Yourself

Rebranding for Your Job Search

Rebranding is a process by which a product or service developed with one brand or company is marketed and distributed with a different identity. When looking for work, the first step in rebranding your skills is to:

  • Determine your objectives. Put together a checklist of what you are pursuing in the job market. Start by asking yourself questions such as…
    • Do I want to perform the same type of work in a different industry?
    • Do I need to look for a different type of work?
    • What are my goals for pay and working hours?
    • How far am I willing to travel to work?
  • Study the employable skills ranked highest among all employers. Although every employer is looking for a specific set of skills, all employers admire and look for certain basic skills. Once you know what most employers want, you can tailor your job search to show how well you meet these requirements.