Resume Preparation

Your Resume

Your resume is your first impression with a potential employer. It is a short account (1 to 2 pages) of your experience, qualifications, and achievements. The goal of your resume is to capture the reader’s interest so that he/she wants to speak with you.  Watch this video "Creating an Effective Resume" before you get started.

  • We can provide One-on-One assistance to help build a great resume.
  • We also have easy to use resume builder software on all of the computers in our Resource Center.  
  • You can also visit the Sample Resumes site to research different types of resumes for options to use in your job search.
  • Don’t forget your Cover Letter  


  • Your resume is a reflection of you and your work.
  • Be sure your resume is an accurate representation of you.
  • Review your resume for errors.  Have a friend review it or have our Employment Specialists take a look at it.  We will make recommendations if needed.